How Collectopark works for you

Debtors are defined as overseas residents who have incurred a fine while using a foreign registered or rented vehicle. We step into the process once the fine has been issued by the relevant authority, to the driver or registered owner, and not paid.

The process is fast, efficient and amicable. Our services include the collection of Municipal Parking Fines, Traffic Violations, Police Citations, amounts due to Parking and Toll Operators.

We collect fines of any amount. If a driver has accumulated many citations and incurred a debt of over $500, further legal proceedings will be considered if the municipality and collector agree that the amount justifies the cost.

All correspondence with debtors is pre-approved by our clients. We also offer the option of sending a thank you letter on behalf of the municipality with the receipt of payment, inviting the individual to visit again, thus serving as an advertisement and public relations tool.

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