Our fees are contingent on success- No strings attached. No hidden clauses.

The process today:

  • An individual rents or drives his own vehicle while travelling overseas, gets a fine and doesn’t pay it. 
  • In case of a rented car the car rental company or vehicle owner receives the citation from the relevant authority.
  • In case of a rented car, the car rental company sends the citation back to the issuing authority, provides it with a copy of the rental agreement and a declaration that the vehicle was in the driver’s possession on date of citation, so that the relevant authority will chase the driver itself…
  • If the debtor is a local citizen, the authority approaches him directly.
  • If the debtor is a tourist, the fine is usually cancelled and declared as a loss.

This is where Collectopark comes in.

What we offer:

  • You only have to pay us if we have collected and trandferred to you. No collection-No fee.
  • We get the tourist’s details from the authority or the relevant law enforcement agency. 
  • We send him a friendly notice, providing a variety of payment options.
  • If the debtor doesn’t pay, our telecollectors call him directly, giving him further opportunity to pay the fine.
  • If he still does not pay, we transfer the citation to our representative in his country to speed up the process.
  • Once the actual fine has been collected, we will deduct the approved percentage and send to you the net amount.
  • Complaints or letters from debtors, contesting the fine, will be handled by us promptly after receiving a response from the relevant authority.
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