We operate in over 150 countries

Our worldwide network will solve for you the collection problem of those parking, traffic and toll fines from foreign debtors after they have left your country-wherever they are.



We only charge on success

We shall collect for you all fines, citations and toll charges from debtors overseas at no upfront cost or risk to you. Our agreed commission is absolutely contingent on the actual collection and transfer of the debt amounts to you. Just send us the fines and we shall finish the job.


No hidden clauses

No “small print”‘ . No hidden meanings or twisted words. We collect the amounts due to you globally and transfer them to you punctually every month minus our  agreed commission along with a clear and simple report.


A new way to recover international parking and traffic fines

Collectopark provides the solution to an existing problem that municipalities and law enforcement agencies encounter on a daily basis: the retrieval of payments from overseas debtors that are written up as a loss. We work purely on a success basis – our income is a percentage of your actual collection.

Operating in over 150 nations, we contact the debtor directly in his home country and begin proceedings, which comply with all local laws and customs.

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